John F. Kennedy-Class Space Carrier (USS Saratoga SCVN-2812)

Scematics of the USS Saratoga (SCVN-2812)

The USS Saratoga (SCVN-2812) is a John F. Kennedy Class Space Carrier and it participated in the Chig War in the year of 2063. The 58th squadron is permanently stationed on the Saratoga since the Battle of the Belt. The ship is currently under the command of Commodore Glen Ross with his friend LT. Col. Tyrus Cassius McQueen commanding the 58th Squadron.

Details :

    Registry Number SCVN-2812

    Manufacturer : AeroTech Space Division - Newport News, Virginia   

    Assembled : James Lovel Orbital Assembly Facility   

    Serial specs : Space Carrier Vehicle Nuclear   

    Weight : 646.269 tons (890.755 tons fully loaded)   

    Length : 525,6 m (1.724 ft) -245,1 m (804 ft) in the beam   

    Height : 185,4 m (608 ft)   

    Hull depth (draft) : 74,4 m (254 ft)   

    Superstructure : 67,7 m (222 ft)   

    Lidar dome : 40,2 m (132 ft)   

    Propulsion : He3 Fusion Drive - complemented by a Bussard Ramjet (for increased fuel savings)

    Engines : 2 MF3600

    Fusion Reactors - 7 year lifespan   

    Max Speed : 0,96c - under acceleration of 3,9g and without FTL   

    Range : [CLASSIFIED] lightyears per day - when using the inertialess drive. Sublight range = 5,7 lightyears.

    Other : in case of catastrophic engine failure, 3 Emergency Chemical Rockets may be used to bring the ship to a halt

    Armament :13 Laser cannon batteries

    Existing hardpoint configuration :   

    1 x 1,2GW Laser cannon   

    2 x 450 MW   

    6 x 300 MW   

    4 x 50 MW   

    30 Phalanx II missile launchers   

    72 KEW/Torpedo launchers

Equipment :

Air wing:

168 SA-43 Hammerhead Fighters   

14 At-72 Stingray Recon Planes   

4 B-290 Barracuda Fighter/Bombers   

4 SWAC Spaceborne Warning and Control Vehicles   

16 ISSAPC Inter Solar System Armoured Personnel Carriers   

8 SSRT Sub-Orbital Short-Range Transports   

8 LC-19 Landing Crafts


    Commodore Ross commands the U.S.S Saratoga.   

    Lieutenant-Colonel McQueen commands the 58th (Wildcards).   

    1,008 U.S. Navy Air Wing   

    1,344 U.S.M.C. Air and Space Cavalry   

    565 U.S. Army Infantry


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