The U.S. Naval Space Forces is a division in the United States Navy in which the United States Marine Corps pilot their planes from U.S. Naval Space Carriers

Founded[edit | edit source]

The U.S. Space Naval Forces were probably founded sometime after the Artificial Intelligence War.

List of Ship Classes[edit | edit source]

  • John F. Kennedy Class Space Carrier
    • USS John F. Kennedy SCVN-2800
    • USS Colin Powell SCVN-2801
    • USS Yorktown SCVN-2802
    • USS Valley Forge SCVN-2803
    • USS Franklin D. Roosevelt SCVN-2804
    • USS George Washington SCVN-2805
    • USS Lexington SCVN-2806
    • USS Dwight D. Eisenhower SCVN-2807
    • USS Ticonderoga SCVN-2808
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