Space - Above and Beyond

The U.S. Naval Space Forces is a division in the United States Navy in which the United States Marine Corps pilot their planes from U.S. Naval Space Carriers


The U.S. Space Naval Forces were probably founded sometime after the Artificial Intelligence War.

List of Ship Classes[]

  • John F. Kennedy Class Space Carrier
    • USS John F. Kennedy SCVN-2800
    • USS Colin Powell SCVN-2801
    • USS Yorktown SCVN-2802
    • USS Valley Forge SCVN-2803
    • USS Franklin D. Roosevelt SCVN-2804
    • USS George Washington SCVN-2805
    • USS Lexington SCVN-2806
    • USS Dwight D. Eisenhower SCVN-2807
    • USS Ticonderoga SCVN-2808