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The Chig War

Chig ships

The Chig War started in the year of 2063, when the Chigs attacked two of Earth's Colonies that were light years away from Home.

Prelude to War[]

Several years after the A.I. War, countries on Earth, including the United States of America began to colonize other planets.


Vesta Colony Massacre[]

Tellus Colony Massacre[]

Battle of Earth[]

Battle of the Belt[]

Battle of Ixion[]


With a peace solution apparently close, a meeting between a high ranking Chig officer and representatives of Earth takes places aboard the Saratoga. At the request of the Chig, the Chief Executive of Aerotech is asked to join the meeting.

During the talks the Chig commander aims several accusations about Aerotech´s knowledge of the Chigs and their claims to the planets Vesta and Tellus before the colony ships landed. It also claims that their species originated from Earth and that they have a claim on Earth too.

During a heated arguement between the commander and the Aerotech exec, the Chig breaks through the glass separating the humans and itself. As he kills the executive, a gun shot is fired, detonating the gasses that were meant only for the Chig to breath. Several are killed or badly injured including Colonel McQueen.

With the death of the commander, Chig forces begin to attack again and the cease fire ends.

All is left in the balance with the Chigs knowing where operation Roundhammer is to begin. The series ends with no resolution to the war.